Professionals with a heart

When you’re a professional adviser, one of the key motivations is being able to work in the best interests of your clients. Being a professional is also about leaving the community a better place than you found it. 

Many financial planners take an active role in not-for-profits, give pro bono financial advice and contribute in myriad other ways – such as holding fundraising events for Future2, the foundation of the financial planning profession.  For example:

  • the provisional planners studying at the AMP Horizons Academy, hold fundraising evenings to raise funds for us. 
  • Financial planning businesses adopt Future2 as their charity of choice at an annual conference or professional development day
  • Financial planners who love to cycle participate in the annual long distance ride, the Future2 Wheel Classic

There’s no limit to what you could do!  Support an established event by clicking one of the images below, or talk to us about your own.


Future2 Foundation

Future2 was established in 2007 by a small group of financial planners who were passionate about demonstrating the profession’s commitment to social responsibility. The foundation supports young people who are socially excluded and financially under-privileged, giving them a second chance and hope for a better future. Now in it’s 12th year, Future2’s Make the Difference! Grants program has pledged grants of over $1 Million to grassroots projects helping disadvantaged young Australians. Individually and collectively, financial planning professionals support Future2 by raising funds, supporting local projects for Future2 grants, and promoting Future2’s work in the community. For details, visit

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